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Competitive team, wingsuit school & friends

Mama Wingsuit is more than a flying group of people !

Wingsuit is one of the best things that you can do in life. We consistently try to share our passion to fly by teaching new skydivers,  show how beautiful it is in the sky and push the ecosystem by organizing competitions with the team Falling Stones.

You can join us in one of our organized events :

Wingsuit starting courses and animations all year long

Tunnel camps every month at Indoor Stokholm

French nationals open to French and foreign competitors

If you want to learn or are just curious about the sport, do not hesitate to contact us !

MaMa Wingsuit & Falling llama
MaMa Wingsuit & Falling llama

Our story

Matthieu and Max met in Zephir Hills, at the world record attempt to fly the largest wingsuit formation. In 2019, Mama Wingsuit was created ! Flavien joined us as the team's videoman a few months later for the 2020 season.

Can you guess where our name comes from ?

After one year of training we managed to win the French Nationals both in acrobatic and performance. We are now aiming for the world in Russia this August !

La team

Max Diebold

Captain & FFP liaison

Matthieu Brossard

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Tunnel camps

Demo jumps